Book Review of The Opposite Of Me by Sarah Pekkanen

Lindsey is smart, successful and the main contender to become the VP creative director of a top ad agency in New York where she works.

With a successful career,  it was slightly easier for her to push back the fact that she has deeply rooted hurts when it comes to her fraternal twin sister who is stunning and gorgeous. Ever since they were young Lindsey has always been 10 steps behind Alex - physically speaking, which in high school meant a lot. The knowledge that she is the smart one in the family almost made up for her physical shortcomings and insecurities.

Everything crumbled when the person named to be the new VP was not Lindsey, in addition, there was another work related issue that came up which made it easier for Lindsey to leave everything, go back home to Maryland and live with her parents.

Life back with her parents seemed even more challenging because Lindsey decided not to tell anyone especially Alex that she was fired. Life in Maryland seemed to be going for Alex as she is engaged to a goodlooking and wealthy man. But nothing is what it seems.

What started as a story of sibling rivalry between twin sisters has turned out to be something deeper than I thought. I love Sarah Pekkanen’s novels and this is no exception. Lindsey was relatable and made me think that in several situations, if I was her , yes, I would react the very same way. I wanted Lindsey to succeed especially because I felt bad at how she was treated growing up, it was easy to identify with her especially when being compared to her beautiful twin. There are several funny moments  as well as heart tugging, tear flowing scenes.  I loved their parents -they were hilarious.  The Opposite of Me is mainly Lindsey’s story, it is an honest take on how she dealt with being in the shadow of Alex, what I loved about the story is I got to understand Alex as her story unraveled toward the end.  Lindsey and Alex are 2 different individuals and ever since they were younger to Lindsey their relationship had been strained. What I loved about the story (without giving much away) is that in the end what matters most is family.

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