Q & A With Jane Porter And A Fun Giveaway!

One of my favorite authors, Jane Porter recently released Book One of the Brennan sisters Triloly (I am hoping there would be book 4) called The Good Woman and she stopped by to answer a few questions. In addition Jane also has a guest posting over at my very good friend Kathy’s site A Little Something To Chew On.

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1. You mentioned that this is a trilogy about the Brennan sisters – the Good Daughter is coming out in February and the third book in September 2013, Jane, what will it take to have a fourth book and to read about Bree’s interesting life?

It’d take strong sales with the first two books, which would then help get my editor to sign off on a book 4. I’m writing book 3 right now, and that’s been titled The Good Wife, and so much happens in this one that I’d LOVE for there to be a book 4, but at this point I haven’t been give the go ahead. So readers, continue to buy The Good Woman and pre-order The Good Daughter and then hopefully I will be given the green light to write book 4, which I’d call The Good Sister, since it’s be Brianna’s story.

2. If you were given the go ahead to write Bree’s story, can you share a few facts about her life and what made her the way she is?

Can’t divulge too much as lot of that is in The Good Daughter, and it’d ruin some of that story to say it now.

3. If The Good Woman was turned into a movie, who would you like to play Meg, Jack, Chad and did you have any other artists in mind for the sisters (I was thinking Rachel McAdams as Bree).

Fun question! I pictured Mariska Hargitay as Meg Brennan. I use visual boards when I write as it helps inspire me and picture the characters more clearly. In fact, I even put together a board on Pinterest so if you hang out there, come check it out! You’ll find me at http://pinterest.com/thejaneporter/. For Chad, I was picturing someone like Bradley Cooper or Jon Passavant and for Jack, maybe Thomas Jane. For Kit, I thought Julianne Moore would be perfect.

4. Where do you base your characters on as they are so real.

Creating a character when I’m writing a book takes time, because its organic. I don’t force characters to do things…they come into the world fully made, from my imagination and then I run with it…who she is, what she wants, what she fears, etc. In the case of the Brennan sisters, they just came to me, once I knew I wanted to write a series about an Irish-American family in San Francisco. My former editor just wanted three sisters, but I wanted a larger family, and added a son, and then suddenly, a fourth sister popped up, and that was Brianna. I’m glad Brianna insisted on being part of the family. She’s a vital part of the family and a firecracker….readers really respond to her, both good and bad, and I like that. I’m not trying to write perfect people, or heroic characters, but real characters, characters that could be real people in our lives, because I find real life fascinating.

5. You mentioned that you taught and held writing workshops, what are the top 3 advice that you can give to aspiring authors?

The best advice I can share is:

1-Write, write, write. Every day. Whenever you can. It’s the best way to find your voice, discover who you are as a writer. Write what you know, what inspires you. Don’t worry about the rules or what anyone else says. Write freely and with complete abandon. Try not to edit as you write because that interrupts the flow/rhythm of your writing.
2-Read. A lot. Read what you love. Read what you want to write. Study the market. Study your genre. Study the trends. Read as much as you can and remember that every writer is a reader first.
3-Learn the craft of writing. Learn the rules of grammar and then learn how to break them effectively. Attend workshops whenever you can, and buy craft books. I am constantly trying to learn more about writing, and focus on different craft elements like plot, pacing, character, dialogue, knowing that my readers deserve an absolutely wonderful story each and every time, and its my job to deliver.

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