The Constantine Codex by Paul L. Maier

Professor Jon Weber was brought to the spotlight (not in a good way) when a word in his book, Jesus of Nazareth was translated wrongly in Arabic and of course a lot of people were enraged by this. In fact a fatwa was declared against him. In addition to their find we also see Jon and a a Muslim scholar, Dr. Abbas al-Rashid go head to head (so to speak) in a debate between the Christian and the Muslim faith. And amidst the confusion that surrounds Jon and his wife Shannon, they stumble upon what seems to a wonderful find, if authenticated, this is the ending of the gospel of Mark which holds the truth and a lot of secrets. Again, that is if this is indeed the real deal.

I was at first concerned to find out that this was either the second or third book in the series but was relived to discover that the Constantine Codex could be a stand alone novel. I truly appreciated the details especially on the history of the Catholic Church and the facts that was presented. The debate was truly interesting, the topics and the answers that was presented by both parties and of course I was cheering for Jon. I must say that the novel to me seemed to have a slow pace.

I enjoyed the novel, although it seemed like everything was too easy for both Shannon and Jon, what I mean is that the situations were in their favor for the most part. The plot was interesting as it explored several theological concepts. I found some parts of the novel to seem to linger and would have wanted the scenes to pick up faster. The Constantine Codex is an intriguing read.

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